Excellent non-hydroquinone option

I recently added Cyspera to my portfolio as an excellent non-hydroquinone option for my patients. the result has been brilliant so far. Signs of sun damage and pigmentation overall have been improved.

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I have been using Cyspera Daily

I have been using Cyspera Dialy and I have seen a large reduction in the darkness,  severity, and healing time for my discoloration and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from my acne breakouts.

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Cyspera® is safe to use indefinitely

I have tried many products such as hydroquinone and plant based brightening serums for my Melasma and nothing gave me a better result than @CYSPERA! It’s safe to use indefinitely with no pigment rebound. I’m happy to start the new year with brighter and more radiant skin which means I can wear less makeup!

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Cyspera® is a game changer

Was on hydroquinone on and off for several years and although I managed to lighten my dark patches, as soon as I stopped the hydroquinone, the dark patches returned. @Cyspera is a game changer. True science behind how it works. I have used it for 4 weeks and I can tell that there is 30%…

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Best product for hyperpigmentation!

Best product for hyperpigmentation! I’ve used everything made for hyperpigmentation for the last 2 years and this is the only product that has helped my dark pigment. I’ve used it for about 4 months total, and I would say my pigmentation is nearly gone

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Cyspera® raises hope with no side effects

This cream has given me so much hope that I can’t even begin to describe it. Not only does it work, it also has zero side effects. I can’t wait to go through the 16 weeks of application to see the impact. Thank you!!

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I am so grateful and will recommend it to anyone

I have tried so many treatments and spent a small fortune until I‘ve discovered Cyspera! Have been using it for 3 weeks and the difference is remarkable!!!! I am so grateful and will recommend it to anyone I know who has problems with dark spots!!!! Life changing!!!!!

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Very happy customer

I bought this product a couple weeks ago, and I’m very happy with the results. I’ve done chemical peels, fraxel laser among other solutions and creams for hyperpigmentation. My skin is glowing, which I haven’t seen in five years. The results are fast, I will continue to use cysteamine for a long time.

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Worked on the first day of use.

My situation might be different from most, but this cream literally saved my face ! For me, the results were immediate. I have vitiligo and after spending a lot of time & money on prescription after prescription, laser treatments and snake oils.. I decided to bleach my skin. The bleaching resulted in pure white freaky…

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