Excellent Safety Profile

Cysteamine is safe and has proven a superior benefit / risk ratio.


Naturally occurring biological compound, cysteamine physiologically delivers powerful antioxidant activity with multiple effects on the appearance of stubborn discoloration, evening skin tone and overall complexion.

Clinically-proven to be as effective as the gold standard triple combination without the concerns of corticosteroids, retinoic-acid and hydroquinone.

  • Brightening: 81% of the patients noticed improvement of skin complexion, and 71% of the patients find their skin more radiant and luminous
  • Skin Health: 84% of the patients find their skin smoother, and 77% of the patients feel their skin is visibly healthier
  • Pleasant use: 94% of the patients find the product easy to apply, not sticky and easy to combine with other products
  • Pleasant smell: 90% of the patients find the smell pleasant

Reference: Sachdev, M. et al., Cysteamine isobionic-amide complex versus Kligman’s formula for the treatment of melasma: equal efficacy and rapid onset of action. 2022, J. Drugs Dermatology, under peer-review

Non-Significant Undesirable Effects

  • No undesirable effects, other than redness, dryness or irritation of the skin are reported.
  • A tingling sensation and mild redness might occur immediately after application, and it will usually disappear after 30 minutes. This is a normal reaction and may happen during the first few days of application.
  • After 6 weeks of application of cysteamine, the risk of skin irritation reduces considerably (skin hardening).
  • There is no limit for the long-term use of cysteamine.

How to prevent undesirable effects

Undesirable effects happen when:

  • The face is washed just before the application (minimum 1h interval to be respected)
  • Long exposure times
  • Concomitant use with other topical products

Undesirable effects become very rare if:

  • No longer than 15 minutes of exposure
  • 1 hour interval between washing and application
  • Adequate moisturization after removing the cream


If undesirable effects occur, contact your distributor To learn how to manage such effects.

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