December 8, 2019

Worked on the first day of use.

My situation might be different from most, but this cream literally saved my face ! For me, the results were immediate. I have vitiligo and after spending a lot of time & money on prescription after prescription, laser treatments and snake oils.. I decided to bleach my skin. The bleaching resulted in pure white freaky looking skin but it was easily disguised with a spray tan. I started using a new sunblock that made me break out so I stopped using sunscreen. Within a week the left side of my face was polka dotted with brown & white spots!! I realized it was from driving in my car with the window down. Ugh. I looked really, really weird and I had a job interview in 5 days. I quickly ordered this cream, overnight. Within the 5 days, my skin was 80% normal. ( I got the job) and no rash or side effects at all. I will order again and again . Again, my situation may be different , but for me it was a God send.

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